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1) “Water supply of Thessaloniki from Aliakmon River”

The project included 22 contracts, the 12 been main contracts for work construction and the remainder been studies, services of advisors & consultancy and research programs.

The following works have been constructed:

  • - Reconstruction of segments of the Aliakmon – Axios linking canal. The linking canal is a 50 kilometers open canal constructed of reinforced concrete.
  • - Construction and works of protection of the twin Axios siphon, with a length of 1,5 kilometres and diameter of 1,9 meters.
  • - Construction of the conduit leading from Axios River to Sindos pump room, with a length of 8,5 kilometres and cross section dimensions 3,5×3 meters.
  • - Construction of Sindos pump room & peripherals
  • - Construction of the pressurized discharge pipe for the transport of water from Sindos pump room to the Refineries, with a length of 4,7 kilometres and diameter of 1,7 meters.
  • - Construction of the installations for water treatment (Refineries). The installations include reservoirs, pump rooms, piping, sand beds and activated coal filters and a reservoir of potable water with capacity of 75.000 cubic metres, as well as administration and auxiliary building facilities.
  • - Construction of the steel main pining for potable water from the Refineries to the existing reservoirs in Diabata, Eyosmos and up to the Langada street, in a total length of 16 kilometers, with diameters of 1,7 to 1,5 meters
  • - Construction of main piping and branches of potable water from Lagkada street up to the existing reservoir of Kalamaria and connection with the existing reservoirs in Polixni, Neapoli, Diavata, Toympa, in a total length of 20 kilometers, with diameters of 1,4 to 0,5 metres.

Besides the main construction contracts, all necessary supporting contracts were financed and worked out, such as all requisite studies related to the works, a pilot program for control and restriction of leakage in the water supply network, and the contracts with advisers for the supervision and management of works as well as with advisers for the control of leakage in the existing network.

 2) “Supplementary electromechanical work of water supply”,

The project included works for the provision of evacuation into the existing city network of rain drainage by the installation of pumping and piping connections in the water transport system and also includes the supply and installation of equipment in the refineries (4th ozonator), in the water canal (automatic cleaning grill and flow meter), for the functional improvement and completion of the installations of water supply. With the initial budget of 2.100.000 €, the project brought to tender, while the contract was signed at 15/3/2006, and ended at 15/11/2010, at the final revised expense of 2,690,745.50€.


3) “Study for the extension of Installations of Water Treatment of Thessaloniki, Phase A2″,

With the initial budget of 652.715,00 €, the study of all required works for the extension of the existing installations of water treatment to Phase A2, upgrading the capacity of the refineries to 300.000 m3 / day, was brought to tender  at 25/1/2005. The contract was signed at  t 8/5/06, and ended at 27-4-2012 when the study was delivered.



“Construction of the extension of Installations of Water Treatment of Thessaloniki, Phase A2”

After the study was completed, the work was brought to tender at 10/7/2012, with the initial budget of 36.500.000,000 €. Yet, the result of the competition was not approved, and the decision for following procedures is pending.