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The installations of water treatment (refineries) in the aqueduct of Aliakmon have the capacity for processing and supplying Thessaloniki with 150.000 cubic metres of water per day. The city currently needs 230.000 to 250.000 cubic metres of water per day, depending on season, and beyond the 150.000 the rest of the needs are covered from the Aqueducts Aravissos and Nares and from other sources than drillings. The management of the system becomes from EYATh S.A. according to the law 2937/01 and according to provisions, which make possible the extension of the services in other Municipalities or Communities in urban aggregations of Thessaloniki.

Excluding the refineries, the total of work is manufactured for providing of 600.000 cubic metres of water per day. The study on the extension of the installations of refineries, for doubling the current capacity to 300.000 cubic metres per day, has been already assigned in a study office, been under elaboration.

The completion of the work of water supply of Thessaloniki from Aliakmon River created an alternative that increases the available sources and confronts with the problem of water supply, which is progressively intensified, inducing economic, social and environmental consequences.

The work enhances the existing sources used by EYATh S.A. and it would progressively allow for the disengagement of some sources (Aravissos sources), while it allowed the interruption of operation of drillings in the region of Kalohori, where landslides are observed. At the same time, it ensures the complete water supply of Eastern regions of the city, where water sufficiency problems existed.

The project “Water supply of Thessaloniki from the river Aliakmon” constitutes a milestone for Thessaloniki. It ensures the future sufficiency of water in a city that is under demographic development, renders the possibility for rational planning of development actions and ensures the improvement of quality of life of the residents, along with the essential protection of natural environment.