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The Special Service for Water Supply and Sewerage of Thessaloniki (E.Y.D.E. Thessalonikis) was established in 1983 (PD 132/83) exclusively for the execution of the project: “Sewerage and sewage treatment of the major Thessaloniki area”. It is one of the first Special Services that were founded for the implementation of a modernized administration model for “major projects”, in the implementation of modern concepts to concentrate expertise, experience and flexibility in decision making. Since 1999, the E.Y.D.E. Thessalonikis operates with the responsibility of Superior Authority, demonstrating in practice the advantages of decentralization in the production of technical work. Today, after the extension of the object and the expansion of its official responsibilities, held in August 2002, the E.Y.D.E. is responsible for projects relating to:

  • Support of the water supply system of Thessaloniki from Aliakmon River (P.D. 368/98)
  • Sewerage and sewage treatment of the major Thessaloniki area
  • Flood-preventing projects in Thessaloniki area (P.D. 203/8-8-2002)

The E.Y.D.E. effectively attends the whole range of activities required for a major project, participating in actions and activities such as subsuming the projects in financial plan, elaboration, checking and approval of studies, proclamation and conduction of competitions, supervision and monitoring of the projects, the judgment regarding the contractor objections, the approval of the distribution of credit, etc concerning the implementation of the object and the delivery of the works to operator authorities. In parallel, EYDE substantially cooperates with the newly established Authorities to monitor the Cohesion Fund and the 3rd and 4rd Community Funding Framework projects. The E.Y.D.E. implements two co-funded of the EU Cohesion Fund projects of particular importance for the life of the city of Thessaloniki and the surrounding area:

  • Extension and completion of Sewage Treatment Plant of Thessaloniki.
  • Water supply of Thessaloniki from Aliakmon River.

According to PD 52/2010 that reforms the PD 30/2007, the organisation structure of the E.Y.D.E. includes 3 sections Authority Head (Studies and Planning, Construction and Administration and Finance) and a Department of Construction Works, with the official responsibility of a Works Supervising Service. It also has an Office of Flood-preventing, which ensure the examination and evaluation of requests for organizations and citizens, suggested studies, projects and maintenance of flood protection and develop and monitor contracts under Article 24 of Law 2937/2001 and the Office of Quality ensuring the quality of studies and projects by providing relevant expertise.